FITS: Field Time Series Database

FITS is GeoNet's field time series database. To access the data from the database you can use the FITS API or the FITS GUI. Please note that the GUI is still in development.

Common methods to request data:

Data Types in FITS

Upcoming Release. Network Code being removed from FITS

Shortly we are going to remove network code data from Geonet's Field Times Series (FITS) database. This is planned to take place on the 15th of August

This has come from requests from users to remove this meta-data as: * Specifying network code (networkID) for each site causes additional pain to people who manually and automatically retrieve FITS data. * All site codes (siteID) are unique so there is no need to specify network code. * Site information like network code is better retrieved from the single source of the truth, Geonet's DELTA application.

Do I need to do anything?

I use the FITS API to make requests to retrieve plots, site maps and observations.

No, even if you specify networkID in your request, your request will still keep working as normal. But we hope that you will prefer to stop specifying it as it is not needed.

After the change these two requests will do exactly the same thing.

I use the FITS API to process responses in my scripts/programs.

Possibly. There are two endpoints, site and spatial observation, that have networkID included in there response. From the 15th of August this will no longer appear in the response. If your script expects to process networkID, it may stop working.

I use the FITS GUI to see what data is available.