Volcanic Alert Bulletins

Volcano Alert Bulletins (VABs) are New Zealand's official source of volcano status information including the current Volcanic Alert Level (VAL). They are issued on an as needed basis summarising the volcano status and recent events. They can indicate if activity is increasing, decreasing, or in a steady state. They may contain forecasts, highlight developing, or expected problems.
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Whakaari/White Island Volcanic Alert Level raised to Level 2.

Whakaari/White Island is experiencing moderate volcanic unrest and the Volcanic Alert Level is raised to Level 2.

19 hours ago

New earthquake swarm at Whakaari/White Island

Another earthquake swarm started near Whakaari/White Island at around 4 am Thursday morning, 20 June 2019.

Last week

Earthquake activity near Whakaari/White Island decreases

The earthquake swarm near Whakaari/White Island which started May 23 continues but has decreased in intensity and numbers. The swarm has not resulted in any increase in volcanic activity or landsliding on island.

3 weeks ago

Local earthquake swarm near Whakaari/White Island

A local earthquake swarm near Whakaari/White Island started on Thursday. Over the past 24 hours the rate and magnitude of earthquakes has increased. The swarm does not appear to be linked to volcanic unrest but may result in increased landslide risk on island.

Last month

Whakaari/White Island crater lake level drops and is unlikely to overflow

As at April 13, 2019 the crater lake is about 13 metres below overflow, which is 2 metres lower than the peak level reached earlier this year in January.

2 months ago

White Island (Whakaari): Rising Crater Lake may cause hydrothermal surface activity

The Crater Lake at White Island continues to grow, which may cause hydrothermal surface activity. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1.

11 months ago

White Island (Whakaari): Lake level rises

Observations during visits to White Island and from the web cameras confirm that the crater lake is starting to reform and volcanic activity remains at low levels.

Last year

White Island (Whakaari): Volcano remains quiet, moderate gas emissions

Observations during visits to White Island over the last 3-4 months confirm that activity remains at low levels. Activity is confined to the gas rich vents on the western side of the active crater. Hot, clear gas continues to be emitted. Some water has ponded on the floor of the active crater but no permanent lake has reformed. The seismic and acoustic activity generally remain low, and the SO2 gas flux is slowly declining.

2 years ago

White Island (Whakaari): Lake disappears, strong fumarole emissions

Observations during a visit to White Island on Friday have confirmed that a large part of the gas is now being emitted from one ‘joint’ vent on the lava outcrop at the back of the crater. The joining of the vents has resulted in a stronger and noisier gas flow from this vent. The temperature has declined slightly, it is now only 250 °C, down from 300 °C.

2 years ago

White Island (Whakaari): Alert Level lowered to Level 1

No further sustained eruptive activity has been observed at White Island. As a consequence the Volcanic Alert Level has been lowered to Level 1. The Aviation Colour code remains Yellow.

2 years ago