AWS Open Data

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Program is run by AWS and focuses on publicly available high-value cloud-optimized datasets.

Alongside traditional data distribution channels, GeoNet now also publishes it's archive via the AWS Open Data access mechanism.

This is a fast and reliable way of getting large amounts of data, to perform bulk downloads, and for users to develop cloud-native techniques and reduce the cost and overhead of transferring large volumes of data from the GeoNet archive to their premises.

AWS Open Data

Data is made available on an Amazon Simple Storage Service (or Amazon S3 bucket) named s3://geonet-open-data/.

The following datasets are currently available on the Registry of Open Data on AWS

We will continue to add further data sets to the collection.


You can find more information on what data sets we have available, and how to access them via our tutorials on GitHub.



Data is synced to the AWS Open Data on a daily basis. For near-real time access please use alternative access mechanisms (such as FDSN or Tilde).

If you find issues with the data, please contact us via email ( or via the GeoNet Help repository.


GeoNet data is made available free of charge under 'CC3 licence' to facilitate research and risk assessment. Please acknowledge the GeoNet programme and its sponsors when using the data, see GeoNet Data Policy.

Helpful Links

AWS Documentation

Please refer to the AWS documentation for further information on how to interact with the s3://geonet-open-data S3 bucket.

GNS Media Release

Read more about why GeoNet has released it's datasets on the Registry of Open Data on Amazon Web Services.