Strong Motion Data Map

An interactive, multi-layered map displaying the peak strong motion data that GeoNet collected during the last hour. Select a site to view the PGA (g), PGV (cm/s) and MMI values. Sites are coloured to reflect the level of shaking based on MMI.


Interactive Map showing GeoNet strong motion data

Rapid Strong Motion Data

  • The maximum horizontal PGA or PGV is taken as the maximum of the two horizontal components.
  • A symbol might be absent for the following reasons: 1) no data was received from the site in the last hour, or 2) if the site has been blacklisted due to unacceptable levels of noise.
  • These values are calculated in near real-time and can be affected by shaking from non-earthquake sources, such as noise. Please read our disclaimer.
  • Changes in metadata can also create anomalous readings. We are working on our change control procedures to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.
  • The continuous monitoring of PGA and PGV is based on work by Kanamori et al. (1999)
  • The calculations of MMI are based on the NZ equation of Moratalla et, al. (2020)
  • A suite of strong motion data products are available for earthquake events. These are accessible from the Strong Motion Tool.