Camera Images

GeoNet captures images using cameras to observe changes at a particular site. There are currently two surveillance programmes in progress; volcano monitoring and observing the Christchurch rebuild.


GeoNet's volcano camera images are an important part of the surveillance programme as any changes to a volcano can be observed and compared over time. Our cameras produce images periodically, with the frequency of image capture varying from camera to camera depending on the communications bandwidth to the site. During a volcanic event we may change the frequency of capture.

To view the lastest volcano images on our website please go to the volcano camera page.

Access to images

Images are access differently depending on if they are the latest images or from the archive.

Latest Images

The latest images are available via a simple URL request, which returns either an image or a GeoJSON file. You can request data by all images, specific volcano or specific camera. You can also specify the image size.

These images are updated every time a new photograph arrives, typically every 15 - 30 minutes. When using these images beware of client-side caching to ensure that the latest image is displayed


Camera_id and volcano_id can be found in the table at the bottom of this page or on the network map.

Single image request

By default the large image is returned to specify size prefix using t- for thumbnail, m- for medium.

The all GeoJSON is made up of an array of individual volcanoes, described as a feature collection of cameras at points

Individual volcano GeoJSON feeds can be fetched using the appropriate volcano_id

Individual camera GeoJSON feed containing the most recent timestamped images and thumbs is also available by using the camera_id

Image Archive

An archive of volcano camera images is available via the FTP site:

Available Volcano Cameras and Codes

Volcanic Centre volcano_id Camera View camera_id
Ruapehu ruapehu from North ruapehunorth
from South ruapehusouth
Ruapehu or Ngauruhoe either Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe ruapehungauruhoe
Ngauruhoe ngauruhoe Ngauruhoe ngauruhoe
Tongariro tongariro Tongariro tongariro
Te Maari Crater tongarirotemaaricrater
White Island whiteisland from crater floor whiteislandcraterfloor
from north rim whiteislandcraterrim
from Whakatane whakatane
Kermadec Islands kermadecislands Raoul Island raoulisland
Taranaki (Egmont) taranakiegmont Taranaki taranaki