Landslide Projects

In addition to response missions, GeoNet also supports research into the causes and behaviour of landslides in New Zealand.

Port Hills, Christchurch Landslide Monitoring

After the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, GNS Science installed continuous GPS (cGPS), water-level, and rainfall monitoring equipment on selected landslides in the Port Hills suburbs of Christchurch. More...

Utiku Landslide

Information recorded from the landslide is being used to calculate the landslide velocity, identify areas of movement and assess the movement patterns of the landslide to aid KiwiRail to plan potential mitigation strategies. More

Young River Landslide

The Young River Landslide occurred on the North Branch of the Young River, near Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, at 4:40am on 29 August 2007. More...