Earthquake Videos

View our compilation of informative earthquake-related videos.

Kaikoura Earthquake Update - 4 Months On

Kaikoura Earthquake 2016: Paptea Fault Rupture

Kaikoura Earthquake: Papatea Fault Drone flyover

Kaikoura earthquake and aftershocks - 8 days on

Kaikoura Earthquake 2016: GeoNet in the Field

Drone video of the Kekerengu Fault rupture

How were earthquakes located before GeoNet? - Slowly

GeoNet Impact: Earthquake Monitoring and Research

When is New Zealand's next big quake?

How seismic waves are analysed to determine an earthquake's location and magnitude.

Using statistical models to forecast aftershock probabilities.

Yoshihiro Kaneko models the propagation of seismic waves across New Zealand.

New Zealand's position on the boundary of two tectonic plates creates faults and earthquakes.

How GNS scientists are prepared for earthquakes at their homes.

Seismic waves in Christchurch explained.

February 2011 aftershocks.

Why the February earthquake was so damaging.

GNS Science presentation to the Seddon community.