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4 days ago

We take a quick look back at what happened in 2022 at GeoNet, the highlights and big changes.

Welcome, haere mai to another GeoNet Data Blog. Today we will be diving into the Pacific Ocean to get a better understanding of our tsunami monitoring system, which for the majority of the time is relaxing on the waves and monitoring for any changes in water level.

Severe rainfall around the North Island has caused extensive flooding and destabilised slopes around Auckland and Waikato. There’s potential for more landslides in the coming days as slopes can continue to creep and may yet give way, as well as new landslides, with more rain forecast this week.

A recent gas and observation flight confirms that active vents are continuing to emit a weak-moderate steam and gas plume. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at 2.

Welcome, haere mai to another GeoNet Data Blog. Today we look at what happened behind the scenes when GeoNet recently installed new monitoring sites in response to volcanic unrest at Lake Taupō. We talk about how what we did enables many of our automatic data processing and analysis tools to work and allows everyone to access data from the new sites.

We are less than one month into 2023, and it is already shaping up to be an interesting year for slow slip events on the Hikurangi subduction zone. GeoNet’s sensors have detected slow motion earthquakes off the East Coast North Island and the Manawatu region in the last month.

A strong earthquake occurred at 5:39AM on Wednesday 4 January, 5km south of Te Aroha, making for a shaky start to the year for residents and holidayers at the top of the north.

Ruapehu Crater lake temperature has increased to over 30 °C and the level of volcanic unrest activity remains low. A minor heating episode has occurred in the last 2 months with monitoring indicators remaining within normal range for this type of activity. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at Level 1 and the Aviation Colour Code remains Green. 

The minor volcanic unrest that began in May 2022 continues at Taupō Volcano. Small earthquakes and ground deformation are still being recorded at above background levels. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1 (minor volcanic unrest).

The team at GeoNet would like to wish everyone happy holiday season and, with this morning’s Te Aroha earthquakes being a good reminder, to be prepared no matter where you are enjoying Aotearoa New Zealand this summer.