Felt Reports

GeoNet collects information about the intensity of shaking that people experienced during an earthquake. There have been a few different varieties of reports in the history of collecting this data. Today, GeoNet collects Felt Rapid reports based on a cartoon representation of shaking. After very large earthquakes we provide an additional long form survey, Felt Detailed, for those who would like to provide more information.

Accessing Felt Rapid data

Data collected by Felt Rapid is available through the GeoNet API using the reported intensity options.


For the reports in the last hour:


For a particular event such as the Kaikōura M7.8:


These queries return data in a GeoJSON format.

Other Felt Data

For access to other felt data such as felt detailed please contact us

Privacy of Felt Data

Data is aggregated and we do not distribute any personal information, such as specific locations or addresses.

We group the reports using geohashing - We use the address to look up a location (latitude, longitude) and we convert this to a 20 character geohash. We then shorten the geohash to group the locations into larger rectangles. It's impossible to go from the short geohash back to the original location. When you zoom in really close on the maps you can see the grid pattern caused by the short geohash.