Rupture Model Database

For selected large earthquakes, we have compiled rupture models in a common format. Models derived from both seismic and geodetic data are provided, where available.

The models are available from the GeoNet github data repository

Date Event Seismic Data Geodetic Data PublicID
14/02/2016 Christchurch M5.7 X X 2016p118944
20/01/2014 Eketahuna M6.2 X 2014p051675
16/08/2013 Lake Grassmere M6.6 X X 2013p613797
21/07/2013 Cook Strait M6.5 X X 2013p543824
23/12/2011 Christchurch M5.9 and M5.8 X X 3631380 and 3631359
13/05/2011 Christchurch M6.0 X X 3528839
22/02/2011 Christchurch M6.2 X X 3468575
04/09/2010 Darfield M7.1 X X 3366146
15/07/2009 Dusky Sound M7.8 X X 3124785
20/12/2007 Gisborne M6.7 X 2839343
15/10/2007 George Sound M6.7 X 2808298
21/08/2003 Fiordland M7.1 X 2103645