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Are you prepared for a natural hazard event?

Published: Mon May 13 2019 3:50 PM

We know that a damaging event could happen anywhere in New Zealand at any time. Are you ready for it?

Our science tells us that a damaging geohazard event could happen anywhere at any time in New Zealand – we’ve always been upfront about that. As New Zealanders, we’re aware that we sit atop an active plate boundary and expect that there’ll be quakes now and again, some of us have even lived through scary experiences. But we also know that not everyone is prepared for a big geohazard event.

GNS Science seismologist Sam Taylor-Offord sat down with Re: news to talk about the geohazards Wellington faces. The target audience was Wellington-based young people, but the risks – and the need to be prepared – are common throughout New Zealand. As Sam reminded all New Zealanders, being prepared is the best course of action.


Re: News - explaining Wellington geohazards

Re: News - explaining Wellington geohazards

What can you do?

If you haven’t started planning before now, start by having a conversation with your whānau or flatties about what you’d do during and after a big event – think about what you need, who needs your help and who could help you. You can then start stocking the essentials like food and water. Planning to use the food in your pantry is a great reason to keep it well stocked. Sam’s got water stored – have you?

There are heaps of places to help you get prepared.

Civil Defence has lots more advice on getting prepared for a natural disaster:



EQC offers advice for securing your home and belongings:

Advice for homeowners

Advice for renters and tenants

Advice for apartments and townhouses

Drop, Cover and Hold

Drop, Cover and Hold

Always remember, when an earthquake strikes, move no more than a few steps and then Drop, Cover and Hold.

If you are at the beach or live near the coast and the quake was Long or Strong, Get Gone to higher ground immediately in case a tsunami follows the quake.

More advice here

Finally, if you’re curious what some of our Earth Scientists have done to get prepared in their homes, you can watch this video.

We’re committed to helping you understand more about New Zealand’s geohazards. We want Kiwis to enjoy living in our amazing country, armed with the know-how to look after themselves and their whānau when the next big event happens. As we all know, it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ the next one will happen.