Landslide News

Severe weather causing landslides in the greater Auckland and Waikato regions

Published: Tue Jan 31 2023 4:45 PM

Severe rainfall around the North Island has caused extensive flooding and destabilised slopes around Auckland and Waikato. There’s potential for more landslides in the coming days as slopes can continue to creep and may yet give way, as well as new landslides, with more rain forecast this week.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones in this event, and to all impacted by the flooding and landslides and to those helping, stay safe.

Our Response

Our landslide event response team are currently working with various councils affected by the landslides, and we hope to have more information out on our response next week.

French Bay Coastguard building / Stuff

French Bay Coastguard building / Stuff

Important information for those who have evacuated their homes

Many people have been asked to evacuate their homes by local emergency management because of the flooding and landslides that have occurred. It is important to remember that landslides are unpredictable and can be deadly. Slopes may move unexpectedly and can pose serious threats especially with more rainfall forecast.

If you’ve evacuated because of landslides, please do not re-enter your home until you are given the all-clear by your local authorities. Landslides can occur without warning, and with no obvious cause, for example on a sunny day. It is understandable that you would want to return to your home as quickly as possible, and our thoughts are with you during this very difficult time.

Auckland - click here for information on what support is available and where you can get help.

Waikato - click here for the latest information and advice

What can you do to be prepared?

  • Its important to keep an eye on the current weather warnings for your area, you can view them here.

  • If you’ve been evacuated, continue to stay at your safe location until you have been given the all-clear to return home.

  • Before it starts raining, clear any leaves or rubbish you see blocking drains. Reduce any uncontrolled runoff from your property, if possible, by diverting it to stormwater drains. Do not enter flooded areas.

  • Turn off watering systems and disconnect underground pipes to prevent leaks.

  • Where possible, keep away from steep cliffs or banks. Small slips can quickly turn into larger landslides, be particularly aware if you see small movements, or find fresh rocks or soil on the ground.

  • If you notice something different about your home, for example:

    • the doors and windows don’t close,
    • cracks have appeared in the cladding and/or on paved surfaces, or,
    • if you observe changes to the hills immediately above or in the ground around your property (new cracks appearing, bulging ground etc.) you should self-evacuate to a safe location and let the council know.
  • To report slips on private land contact the landowner, or if you are the landowner, your insurance company.

  • Contact 111 if you are in immediate danger or otherwise call your local council

  • Follow local emergency management advice to keep you and your whānau safe.

Helpful links for current information in Auckland:

National Emergency Management Agency’s emergency info page

Auckland Council Storm Event Information

Auckland Emergency Management Website

Auckland Emergency Management Facebook page

Helpful links for current information in Waikato:

Waikato Region Emergency Management

Waikato Flood Room Live

Civil Defence Waikato Facebook page

Waikato Regional Hazards Portal



Seen a landslide? 'Dob it in'

Please email us as much of the following as you can supply – we would be very grateful:

  • Date and time of the slip/landslide
  • Location – this can be a street address, distance from a landmark or road. Or pin on google earth/maps.
  • Size – it would be useful to know if one person could clear the landslide or if heavy machinery would be needed.
  • Type – was the landslide made up of rocks falling from a cliff, along a road or was it a flow of material rather than a fall? Was anything damaged?
  • Photos – these are very useful for us especially views showing the whole landscape.

You can send your landslide emails to:

A landslide may be triggered by heavy rain or earthquakes, with homes near hills or steep slopes most at risk. If you live near a hill or steep slope, watch out for cracks or movement that could be a warning sign.

Follow Civil Defence’s advice on what warning signs to look out for, so you can act quickly if you see them.

Toka Tū Ake EQC has information on how to get your home, apartment, or rental prepared for a natural disaster.

Media contact: or 021 574 541