Science Alert Bulletin TPO-1998/01 - Taupo Volcanic Centre

Published: Thu Sep 10 1998 12:00 PM

Volcanic Alert BulletinTPO-1998/01
Taupo Volcano
Volcanic Alert Level remains at 0

10 September 1998, 12:00 pm - Update

Results from the standard three monthly deformation survey about Taupo Volcanic Centre are now to hand. They show generally insignificant changes since the June survey. Two long term trends have been apparent in the Taupo deformation data:

  • A 8 - 10 mm per year subsidence along the northern shores, with the maximum subsidence at Kinloch; and
  • Uplift about the lake centre, including Horomatangi Reef, Scenic Bay, Rotongaio and Motutaiko Island.

The subsidence along the northern shores has been observed since the early 1980’s, while the uplift about the lake centre has been observed since mid-1995. The latest results show the subsidence across the northern shores is slowing, while no further uplift has occured at Horomatangi Reef.

Several small to moderate earthquakes have been felt in the Taupo area in early September. The largest event was on 3 September at 10:37 pm and measured M4.4. Over the last three months earthquake actvity has continued essentially at normal levels for the Taupo area.

Alert Status

The Volcanic Alert Level for Taupo volcano remains at Level 0.

Brad Scott
Volcano Surveillance Manager