GeoNet Evolving - Two Weeks With Our Refreshed Website

Published: Fri Jun 16 2017 4:00 AM

It's over two weeks since the updated GeoNet website went live. Over one million views is a win!

Before we rattle off about its new architecture, let us just say that we know you were used to the website looking a certain way. So, a massive thank you to everyone for being patient with us through the initial launch phase!!

Some of you have taken a test drive of the website and reported back with intel on what you like and the things that aren’t working so well for you. We are taking all of this on board (and while the terracotta colour palette is not for everyone, it has been a big hit with our colour blind audience).

There’s a few features we have updated since launching:

• Everyone has a personal preference to how they look up past earthquakes. The Quake Search tool is there for you to filter through them either by time, region, magnitude or depth.

GeoNet Quake Search Tool

GeoNet Quake Search Tool

• The shaking map on the homepage now shows the earthquake location (as a circle on the map) as well as where it was felt and measured (as squares on the map). On that note, we know the colour scheme isn’t the rainbow that it used to be. Click here to read more about this.

GeoNet Earthquake Key

GeoNet Earthquake Key

• If you like to track a particular topic that we are writing about or you want to search our stories by hazard, we also have a handy search tool for you to filter through the news stories.

New keyword search tool for GeoNet News

New keyword search tool for GeoNet News

Also, not really worthy of its own bulletpoint, we have made some smaller tweaks here and there to the overall formatting of the page.

Some of you mentioned specific things from the previous website that you want bought back (we hear ya) - this is all helpful feedback and we will continue working on it. That’s the beauty of the new website. It is far more stable and faster, which means that we can keep building it and respond to what you want.

As an FYI we have moved the survey

We appreciate that you are still getting to know the changes and your thoughts and feedback is always welcome. If you are looking to complete the survey there is a link under the contact section of the website.

Alternatively click here.