Volcanic Alert Level Summary

Volcano Taranaki
Alert Level 0
Volcanic Activity No volcanic unrest.
Most Likely Hazards Volcanic environment hazards.

An eruption may occur at any level, and levels may not move in sequence as activity can change rapidly.

Eruption hazards depend on the volcano and eruption style, and may include explosions, ballistics (flying rocks), pyroclastic density currents (fast moving hot ash clouds), lava flows, lava domes, landslides, ash, volcanic gases, lightning, lahars (mudflows), tsunami, and/or earthquakes.

Volcanic unrest hazards occur on and near the volcano, and may include steam eruptions, volcanic gases, earthquakes, landslides, uplift, subsidence, changes to hot springs, and/or lahars (mudflows).

Volcanic environment hazards may include hydrothermal activity, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic gases, and/or lahars (mudflows).

Location Map


Interactive Map showing the location of the Taranaki volcano.