Whakaari/White Island - Updates

High Rate GNSS Data Download


High rate GNSS data are available for download for the days surrounding major geologic events. These data are recorded at 1 Hz and 10 Hz sampling rates and are available in RINEX2.11 and Trimble proprietary raw formats. Available high rate GNSS data can be obtained sending a request via email to info@geonet.org.nz.

Event list

The table below list the geologic events contained within the available data.

Date (UTC time) event
2013/07/21 M 6.5 Cook Strait earthquake
2013/08/16 M 6.6 Lake Grassmere earthquake
2013/08/20 White Island (Whakari) eruption
2013 Sept-Oct Slow Slip event offshore Gisborne
2013/12/16 M 6.1 Fiordland earthquake
2014/01/21 M 6.2 Eketahuna earthquake
2014/09/22 M 5.5 Pongaroa earthquake
2014 Sept-Oct Slow Slip event offshor Gisborne
2014/11/16 M 6.5 offshore Te Araroa earthquake
2015/11/05 M 6.0 Willberforce earthquake
2016/02/14 M 5.7 Christchurch earthquake
2016/04/11 M 5.2 Masterton earthquake
2016/04/27 White Island eruption
2016/08/31 M 5.7 offshore Te Araroa earthquake
2016/09/01 M 7.1 East Cape earthquake
2016/09/13 White Island eruption
2016/11/13 M 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake


Raw data files are downloaded directly from the GNSS receivers in Trimble proprietary format (.T00 or .T02). Day-long RINEX files are generated by splicing together the available raw data. Due to data transmission constraints and limited internal receiver storage, in most cases it was not possible to download a full day of data so day-long RINEX files are often incomplete. Please consider that high rate GNSS data have to be manually retrieved. There is no guarantee that high rate GNSS data will be available after any major geologic event.